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What you need in order to get free FIFA 18 coins and points is very simple. A working Xbox Live, PSN or Origin account and a little bit of braveness to run the FIFA 18 coin generator on https://www.fifalegends.de. Why being brave? Because it might be possible your account will get suspended for a short time. However, there are some ways to avoid a ban. Here is how to do it:

When you run the FIFA 18 coins hack there are some things you should definitely avoid:

  • Don’t generate too much coins and points for free on FUT 18

Just imagine you would go from 0 coins to 90 million coins.This is simply unreal and a huge red flag for any moderator and also any other gamer. Keep it real and keep it small. One millions coins for the beginning is fine. Later you can higher the amount. The same goes for points. Don’t generate 10 million coins. Keep it at 50k at first. Even with 50.000 points you can open lots of gold packs. Don’t underestimate this amount!

  • Don’t brag about the FIFA 18 hack and your items

There are too many people who are sharing videos and pictures of the FIFA 18 coin generator and their account. They write posts like “Look at this! I just got 10 million coins without spending money and within 2 minutes!”. What happens next? Some of their friends are reporting them to EA. Yes, this really happens! Never make your friends envy you!

  • Don’t share the FIFA 18 coin generator with anyone

Right now only 0,5% of the gamer worldwide are in knowledge of this FIFA 18 hack. Keep it at this rate. If there are too many user all over the world using this FIFA 18 coins hack, then EA will definitely fix it just within hours. Right now it is not famous. Not many people know about it. If you know about the FIFA 18 cheats, hacks and generator you should be thankful and happy, because you belong to a very small circle of people, which are actually able to save lots of money.

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